Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I LOVE birthdays!!  Especially my kids' birthdays!  I love letting them pick out the theme and for me to gather ideas for decorations!  This year my little boy, Alex, has chosen Paw Patrol from Nick Jr.  Since Paw Patrol is a new show, they do not have many things on the market for parties.  So, I started researching!  My first stop:  ArtFire!  I found so many great vendors with Paw Patrol items.  From cake toppers, to invitations and decorations, these great vendors have it all!  So the next time you need party ideas, check out Art Fire.  Great selection, great merchandise!!
Pic From:  Simply Sweet Soap on ArtFire

Pic From:  Cutie Patootie Prints on ArtFire

Pic From:  Nana's Tasty Toppers on ArtFire

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