Monday, April 4, 2011


Persistence: The quality or state of being persistent.  Persistent: existing for a long or longer than usual time.  These are the definitions given by Webster!!  I have met many people and seen many things that could well define persistence.  Such as a cancer patient who continues to fight his or her battle even when they receive the news that there is nothing else that can be done.  Once, I had a cat that I had to leave behind when I moved about 5 miles away.  I had left her in good hands with the new owners of my old home and was not worried that she would receive great care.  About a week after settling into my new home, I opened my front door to see Sandy (my cat) sitting on the front steps.  In her persistence to stay with the only family she had ever known, she had traveled 5 miles.  Unfortunetely, I could not keep her, so I got her in my car and brought her back to her home.  A few days later, there she was again, at my new home.  Again, I brought her back, and I guess at that point, she realized she could really like her new family, she decided to stay.  Now, that is persistence!! 

I was reminded about persistence when I took a picture of this flower.  Last summer, my neice brought me some bulbs that she had thinned out of your step mom's flower garden.  I had all plans of planting the bulbs but between family, having grandbabies, and running my Etsy shop, I never got a chance to plant the bulbs.  All died, except this one.  During the winter, I thought sure it had died.  Then as spring broke through, I noticed a green stalk, and this past weekend look what had happened!!!!! 

Now I really need to plant this bulb!!  If it is persistent enough to survive in a pot with no dirt and getting watered only when it rains, it deserves to be planted.  But I think I will wait until the blooms are finished.  I hate to disturb it now!! 

This is the best picture I ended up with but you can well see that there is no dirt!!

 I guess this plant reminded me to never give up!!  Be persistent, and never give up!!  Bloom away!!

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  1. Persistence does pay off! inspiring post :)